Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Yearly Meeting


Welcome to the Piedmont Friends Fellowship (PFF) and the Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting (PFYM) website.

PFF and PFYM are related but separate Friends (Quaker) organizations that share appropriate common activities for the benefit of both.  Meetings and worship groups that are members of PFF and PFYM are generally located in Piedmont North Carolina and adjacent areas of Virginia and South Carolina.

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JULY 1 – 7, 2018

Toledo, Ohio

The FGC Gathering of Friends will be held this year at the University of Toledo this July.   The theme for this year is “The Power of Truth” and will be reflected throughout the week in many different ways.   The FGC Gathering is an annual event of renewal, relaxation, and fellowship attended by more than a thousand Friends principally from from North America.  Full children’s and youth programs are provided and there are many activities to choose from,

This will be a “can’t miss” FGC week for North Carolina Friends, as the line up of evening plenary speaker will include the Rev William Barber, well known to North Carolina Friends for his work building coalitions for social justice in this state.  For more information see the FGC website at: http://www.FGCgathering.org

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